Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home

Open Positions

Positions will come up occasionally. If a position you’re looking for is not available, it may become available sometime in the future

If you wish to apply for any position, please contact the Human Resources Officer on 07 3201 8772.

Why work for us?

Staff development is not only about how to do a job but a commitment to the development of the whole person. Our staff development aims to enhance a planned and organised process of learning within the nursing home setting, designed to update and increase knowledge and skills or for personal growth and development, to improve performance or to meet advances or changes in direction or focus of a position.

The facility actively recruits from government accredited employment agencies that are aware of the requirements for all staffing positions in the nursing home and are prepared to screen prospective employees for both nursing and kitchen positions.

Applicants are also recruited from applications submitted directly to the facilities which are reviewed by the HR Department.